Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding weight loss.

Guess what? My dress is in!
While tasty, Bubblicious isn't helping the situation. Goodbye, sugar!
After four months of waiting for it to arrive, I’m terrified to go try it on. Let’s just say I was between sizes and opted to go with the smaller one, positive I would lose a few LBS over the course of the past few months. Well, that didn’t happen. Shocker, I know.

But, I’m going to put on my big girl hat and call the dress shop this afternoon to set up a time to go try it on. I won’t start fittings until the end of August, so there’s still time (I know you’re rolling your eyes now).

If you’re married, did you lose weight before the wedding? If you’re not, do you think you will?

As usual, I’m in a weight loss competition at work, which is another motivation. I won last time! OK, so it was only five pounds and everyone else pretty much quit, but oh well.

Today's lunch was berry good. I had to.

So was our Fourth of July ice cream cake.
The past week has been crazy because I’ve had guests at my house and the boy was home. Everything is back to the usual level of craziness, which means I have no excuse to eat out every.single.night. It was fun while it lasted.
Colleen and Rachel, both bridesmaids. Rachel was in town all last week, and we had too much fun!
Happy hump day!

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Mrs. Bear said...

I have been on a healthy eating kick (aka diet) for almost a month, and we keep having guests who RUIN EVERYTHING haha. We have to go out to all these nice restaurants or make these big dinners... when my chunky thighs need to be living on salads and fruit - not bread, pasta, and buttery shrimps.

I was on a diet before the wedding - basically eating fruits, veggies, proteins, and thats all. No breads, processed foods, alcohol - it was HORRIBLE, but I was happy on my wedidng day haha.