Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding magazine addiction.

This week, I realized I had a problem when I got home and noticed I bought a magazine that I had already bought ... and read.

But I can't stop. This is the ONLY time in my life where I am going to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on these beautiful publications. I already have a magazine addiction in general. I'm not even going to show you the stacks I have. I've recently started throwing them away, but it's hard!
I hate to admit it, but this is not even all of them. 
Even when I finish each wedding magazine and cut out the photos I want, I can't bring myself to throw them away. So, I slap a Post-it on the front and write "done." Is this a problem? I think I'm a magazine hoarder. I get it from my lovely grandmother. Growing up, I loved going through her back issues of Country Living, Good Housekeeping and Reader's Digest. My mom also loves magazines, but she throws them away.
Is this a problem for other people?

Bridesmaids Dresses

I decided on a bridesmaids dress a couple weeks ago, but I don't think I posted about it. I had a tough time making a decision on a dress for eight people. I like symmetry, so I wanted everyone's dress to be the same. And I knew I wanted them to be long and gray, but that's about it.
This was gorgeous, but this place didn't offer much service.
So, we didn't know until after she tried it on that it didn't come in gray. 
Crazy eyes! Again, no gray. 
My sister came up for the weekend, and we made it our mission to find the dress. Well, that didn't happen. But the store where I got my dress (She Said Yes) carries a brand I really loved, and while the dress wasn't in the store, I knew I loved it. The sister, Kristin, loved it, too. I also thought it would look great on all the girls. And it has pockets!

One more thing to mark off the checklist.

Dress Appointment
As I told you earlier this week, my dress is here. So, I'm going in Monday to try it on. I'm excited, but nervous! What if something's wrong? What if it doesn't fit? Ahhh!

I'm also going to try on these earrings with my dress. I think they just might be the "ones."

Meg Jewelry "Hatti" 
Happy Friday! 

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