Workin' it out

Here's where you can read ALL about my daily workouts.

Monday, June 6 - Sunday, June 12
Monday: Body Combat at gym-55 minutes
Tuesday: cardio/strength at work-40 minutes; PiYo at gym-55 minutes
Wednesday: Body Flow at work-50 minutes

Monday, May 29 - Sunday, June 5
Monday: Holiday! No excuse, I know.
Tuesday: cardio/strength at work-50 minutes
Wednesday: Body combat at work-50 minutes
Thursday: SICK!
Friday: Body Attack at work-50 minutes
Saturday: SICK!
Sunday: SICK!

Monday, May 23 - Sunday, May 28
Monday: Combat at gym: 55 minutes
Tuesday: cardio/strength at work: 50 minutes
Wednesday: yoga at work: 50 minutes
Thursday: cardio/strength at work: 50 minutes

Friday: busy with wedding coordination
Saturday: wedding coordination
Sunday: rest day

Monday, May 16 - Sunday, May 22
Monday: Body Combat at the gym. 55 minutes
Tuesday: 50 minutes of strength training/cardio at work
Wednesday: Body Flow at work--55 minutes
Thursday: 40 minutes of strength/cardio at work/ PiYo at the gym-55 minutes
Friday: BodyAttack at work--50 minutes (OMG it was so hard today)
Saturday: Body Attack at gym-55 minutes
Sunday: Rest day (floated the Buffalo River)