Friday, July 22, 2011

99 days.

Have you noticed that when you get behind on something it becomes increasingly harder to get back on track? This is normally the case with healthy eating/working out habits. In my current case, it's blogging.

I'm taking this weekend to organize ... my life. I have so much going on right now, which I love. But I hate feeling guilty because I'm not doing everything I want to do.

After Mr. A left Tuesday (remember, he travels for work constantly), I was feeling a bit down when I walked in the door Tuesday night. When I walked into my bedroom, these flowers on my nightstand stopped me from crying (I was seriously about to break down ... it's hard every.single.time).

I can't comprehend what it is like for military families. Sure, the boy will only be home about six days this month, but I know those six days would mean the world to so many people. So I try to remember how lucky we are ... but it's still hard.

Here are some topics I plan to cover next week:

  • How close the wedding is! 99 days, to be exact. 
  • Pre-marital counseling. We started Monday. 
  • Kitchen Queens
  • A giveaway! 
Have a fabulous weekend, friends! 

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Ashley said...

I don't know how military families do it either! I hate when my husband is away for one night, and then I feel really silly and stupid because I think of the sacrifices other couples HAVE to make. When we were dating--right before we got engaged--he went on a study abroad trip in China for two weeks; he came home for a week before I left for a study abroad trip in the U.K. for three weeks. FIVE WEEKS FELT LIKE FOREVER! While we were overseas, we couldn't call each other that much or email unless we found an internet cafe, so it made it that much harder. Thankfully for the second half of my trip we got to talk all we wanted to talk because of some glitch between my English pay-as-you-go phone. No complaints on that mistake!