Friday, July 15, 2011

690 calorie cookie.

Last night, I had a lovely sushi dinner with some lovely ladies. We were supposed to have Kitchen Queens, but we decided to reschedule for next week because this week seemed to be a busy one for most people. Thursday, they suggested sushi, and I didn't have to think twice about it.
Hey, Colleen! 

Sarah and her California roll. 
After a spider roll and some edamame, we decided to grab a cookie from the mall before it closed.

THE Cookie
I rarely do this, so I figured I would get the one with frosting in the middle (I love frosting) and eat half then and save the other half.
After I ate the cookie (a little more than half), I had to enter the nutritional info into my WW app.

I was shocked. 

Yes, I know the cookie is bad. But I had no idea it would have the same amount of fat as a Big Mac-34 grams to be exact. And at 690 calories, it tops the greasy burger by more than 100 calories.

How can 94 grams of carbs be in something so small?

The whole cookie would be 19 points. I get 29 a day. Obviously, the cookie was a terrible choice. And honestly, I will probably never get it again. Yes, I will eat a cookie, but I will stick with a plain chocolate chip next time.
Molly was at our family reunion last weekend.
She followed her "dad" (aka my mom's cousin) around the entire day.
She makes me smile! 
Happy Friday! 

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