Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time flies (featuring a cute chair).

Lately, I found myself wishing time would stop. Just for a few days. This is the total opposite of my normal outlook. I'm definitely a person who lives her life as a countdown to the next exciting thing. I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy everyday life.

But right now, there's just TOO much!

Things I've done lately that aren't the "usual" Allison:
  • I had a great time with friends at Kitchen Queens, but I forgot to take photos. 
  • I slept through all FIVE of my alarms last week. I often set a ton when I stay up too late, which I've been doing more often than not. 
  • I only made time to work out a couple times last week. This could explain my abnormal grouchiness. 
  • Briefly considered buying a cookie again from Great American Cookies. 
One thing I did accomplish last week was finding this chair! Should I have been doing something else on my lunch break besides visiting Kirkland's? Probably so

Happy Tuesday! 

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