Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Natalie and Steve.

Things in my neck of the woods haven't been so rosy.

My sinus infection is still hanging on, and I'm afraid I will never hear normally again.

This means while everyone was having a blast at the lake this weekend, I was stuck at home assembling save the dates. Mr. A actually helped me a bit Friday night, but the whole process just takes a while.

In fact, I'm still putting together the address list. Who knew this would take so long? And who knew when you asked people for their address, they might not respond? Does this mean they don't want to come? Yes, I admit I'm overly sensitive. Unfortunately, this is never going to change.

When I came home Friday to the love package from magnetStreet, I got very excited! And I was impressed with the packaging. Everything was placed in a cute, blue box. They also sent some wedding invitation samples, which I thought was nice. Who knows ... maybe we will use them for everything!

In the midst of placing the magnets on the carrier cards, Adam and I ran across one that was a little out of place. Good thing we noticed so Natalie and Steve didn't get an uninvited guest at their wedding!
Seriously. This was in the middle of our stack of magnets. How did this happen?

Yes, those are our hands. :)
Isn't the box cute?
Adam even remembered to get "weddings stamps."
Yes, that's my address. Please don't stalk me.
Can some please remind me to get my camera fixed? The iphone photos just aren't cutting it.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the gross food photo of the day:

I convinced Adam to go to a new yogurt place Friday.
My toppings: berry captain crunch, strawberries and mini Reese's Pieces. Yum!


Ashley said...

That is so funny about that magnet! When we had our engagement or wedding announcement ran in The Benton Courier, the following week our picture ran again...with a different couple's name! I'm sure they were not to happy, but we found it entertaining because we had numerous wedding mishaps, including my engagement ring being lost in the mail for a week after we sent it to be resized!

Ashley said...

Also, your Save-the-Dates are adorable!!

Amanda Oleson said...


Your Save The Dates look great! I am the Community Specialist for MagnetStreet Weddings, and I was hoping to chat with you a bit more about your order. May I send you an email? We hate to see mishaps with orders, so I would love to get a few more details from you.

Thank you. (Your Save The Date magnets are adorable, by the way!)

Allison said...

Amanda--feel free to send me an e-mail! It's allisonrwalker@yahoo.com.