Monday, June 20, 2011

Bridesmaid dresses and a veil.

My lovely sister came to visit this weekend so we could go pick out a bridesmaid dress. You see, I need to pick one in the next few days or the dresses won’t be here in time. I can’t believe it’s getting that close!

Who knew picking out a bridesmaid dress would be harder than my wedding dress? It’s hard choosing a dress that will look good on eight different body types and also isn’t outrageously expensive. I found some great dresses but they were either too expensive or didn’t come in the right color.

Doesn't come in gray.

Neither does this one.
I’m waiting to get prices on a couple of dresses today, so hopefully one will work out. I know I want the dress to be long and gray. And probably one shoulder.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture of my sister and I. It’s probably because my camera still isn’t fixed.

One thing I did purchase this weekend was my veil! I got this veil without beading. It will be here in four to six weeks.

My biggest wedding concern right now is getting out ALL the save the dates. I sent a few last week and some more today, but it takes forever to address them all (in case you were wondering). My advice: start doing everything about a month before you think you need to.

Random wedding fact of the day: My wedding stone is blue topaz.

Happy Monday! I hope this week is fabulous.


Marian said...

Oh wow, I really love the first bm dress!! Beautiful...but I'm sure you'll find something even better:)

Chiffon A-Line Red Empire Backless Long Prom Dress said...

I really love the first bm dress!! Beautiful