Monday, June 13, 2011

Super cleanse and chiavari chairs.

I stayed up practically all night Friday getting ready for our neighborhood garage sale.

Saturday morning, I was in the garage at about 6:15 a.m., and it was still chaos. Nothing was priced. The boy strolls out with a donut in his hand, pushing the button to open the garage as he walks out.

“Noooooooooooo!” I scream.

Doesn’t he know the second you open the garage, regardless of the fact that the garage sale wasn’t supposed to start until 7 a.m., people will flood in.

It worked out, but it was definitely stressful at the beginning. Luckily, people dug through the piles of stuff and almost bought EVERYTHING! Seriously. We made $400, and we didn’t have anything priced above a $20 TV. We sold TONS of clothes, which is unusual for a garage sale. I sold at least 20 pairs of shoes. That's $20, folks! Yes, it didn't matter the brand. I sold them all for $1. Let's just say a few people got some great deals.

And while I slept that afternoon, Mr. A loaded everything left and took it to Goodwill. The entire sale went undocumented by my camera (phone). But it's good because we were SO BUSY!

I feel a weird sense of accomplishment. I’ve NEVER gotten rid of so much stuff. Let’s just say I’m sentimental. I keep things like the shirt I wore for my 21st birthday, even though there’s no way I’d ever be able to wear that sequined halter top in public again.

I’m pretty sure it has a new, loving home now.

After a “nap,” the boy went to play golf while I read magazines by the pool. We originally planned to go to the lake, but garage sales are exhausting. It turned out to be a perfect Saturday.

Perfect spot to cool off after a hot golf game.
I'm definitely jealous of the fact that Blake is dating my man Leo.
Wedding Reception Detail
I've said this before, but our reception is at the Springdale Country Club. I can't wait.

My phone shots are stellar.
And this Saturday there was a wedding at the country club, so I got to see someone else’s reception setup, which was very beneficial. And I love the chair covers! I would love to have chiavari chairs, but at $7 each, it’s just not feasible—unless we went without … food? I don’t think so.

I heart chiavari chairs. 

Often times, I think chair covers look messy and wrinkly. And it’s totally a personal preference, but I don’t love the colored sash around the white chair cover. But I think these would be perfect.
I snapped this photo before they finished decorating,
but I love these chair covers (not more than chiavari chairs, but for chair covers, they're fab)!

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