Friday, June 24, 2011

Romanticism and swimming deer.

Most guys are not romantic. Adam is one of those gentlemen. It’s not necessarily a bad thing—I just think the ladies often have high expectations because of the fairytales we grew up with (and still see some version of in every romantic comedy out there). But I fell in love with him because of WHO he is, and I would never want him to change. When he makes a romantic gesture, it’s special because I know he had to put some thought into it—it doesn’t come natural for most guys.

Monday marked three years since we first “officially” hung out. So that’s what we call our “anniversary.” We’re not big anniversary celebrators, but we do acknowledge the date (and I got some lovely lilies).

We had plans to go to the lake Tuesday evening because after two cherished months at home, Mr. A is back to traveling as of Wednesday. I had no idea the wonderful evening he had planned.

It looked beautiful from afar.

Up close: more like a haunted castle.

This would be the view from the living room ... if it had a real window.
We chose a spot below what we thought was a future castle on the lake. Upon further inspection (yep, we climbed up there), we realized it was an unfinished construction job. As in, someone hasn’t worked on it in at least two years.

Wouldn’t it be fun to finish it up???

After our hike to the haunted house, the coals were ready to go on Mr. A’s newly purchased portable grill. He cooked turkey burgers, asparagus and corn on the cob. There were tiki torches, a candle and pinot grigio. It was perfect.

I already miss him.

By the way, deer CAN swim.

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