Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Secrets Wild Orchid.

We booked our honeymoon! I'm pretty sure it was my mom who said the name sounded like a strip club. Nope, it's a Jamaican paradise! The resort is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Our room is a "swim-out suite." My excitement cannot be contained.

We had more trouble with deciding where to go on our honeymoon than any other wedding-related task so far. We had such a great time at our resort in Mexico last year, we knew that another AM Resort would not disappoint. And we chose Jamaica for the sole reason that it's bigger than some of the other Caribbean islands, which means more activities.

We'll leave Sunday morning after the wedding (at 7 a.m.). Tons of people told us not to book it for Sunday or that early, but that's how it worked out. We can sleep on the plane, right?


Marian said...

Looks and sounds amazing!!

And we went straight on our honeymoon on Sunday as well. People told us we would probably want to relax for a minute...but why not relax in paradise..right?!

lawalker1 said...

Well it certainly doesn't look like a strip club :) Looks AMAZING!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounds amazing! I'd love to go to Jamaica someday!