Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: More Engagement Photos.

I've gotten to see a few more engagement photos. Our photographer told us they took more than 1,000 ... After looking through about 160, I realized I'm very picky (about the way we look). Sometimes, I'm making a crazy face. Sometimes, it's Adam making a crazy face. Sometimes, I don't like the way my body looks (I'm a girl--I have body image issues ... don't we all?). Other times, I think, that just doesn't look like us.

All the shots I've seen have beautiful lighting and editing. Interestingly, I like the ones best where I know my face has been Photoshopped more (the airbrush look). Who wouldn't love a flawless face every day???

She happily agreed to show me more, and I can't wait to see them!

Here are a couple more photos from our lovely photographer, Angela Martin.

I'm so crafty. :)
What was your engagement photo experience like? Were you picky?


Marian said...

They look great!! What an amazing photographer!!

I wasn't too picky with mine. Of course, there were some ones that I wanted to burn...but that really had everything to do with me. I'm not a serious person so trying to be serious in some photos was quite the task for me and I just ended up looking horrible!! However, it did give me some practice for the big day so I think it was worth it!!

Ragan said...

Love, love, love the pink dress!

We didn't get a ton of great shots from our engagement photos, but I really loved the ones I loved, so I don't think I was too picky...

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the first one how cute!!!