Friday, May 13, 2011

Love and a really great photographer.

I have some more engagement photos to share! I’ve decided that instead of putting them all in one post, I’m going to use a couple every time I blog. 

Photo by Angela J Martin Photography
Here is a little bit of info about our photographer.

Name: Angela J. Martin Photography

Her husband, Joel, is her second photographer, and they are a great team. They both studied photography at John Brown University (I can’t remember the exact degree name). Her husband also does video. They’re young, and I know they’re going to have a long, wonderful career in the photography industry.

More than equipment
Shooting engagement photos with Angela and Joel  made me realize that it’s definitely more than just having great equipment (and they have great equipment--her new lens is amazing!). It’s about being able to direct (and knowing when not to direct). They were both able to look at something like a door and know just how to frame it to make a great shot. I could never do that.
Angela is great with props. In fact, she surprises each couple with a new prop. This was ours, and I love it!
They’re creative—and easy to work with. Honestly, I think that’s the most important thing. Can you imagine what kind of shots you would get if you were uncomfortable with your photographer?

Angela’s creativity extends beyond her photography skills. During my first meeting with her, she showed me a couple of design items she’s worked on. And I don’t think design creativity is something you can learn—it’s natural. Sure, you can learn how to use the design programs. But you just can’t teach creativity.

“All you need is love … and a really great photographer.” When I first went to Angela’s website and saw this tagline, I knew I was going to like her.

Happy Friday!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Photography was really important to my hubby and I! We were picky choosing our photographer too, and it just so happened we won a contest and our photographer's traveled to our wedding. It worked out great. We can't wait to get them back!

Your pics turned out awesome! Love!