Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rain boots and engagement shoots.

Have I mentioned that choosing what to wear in our engagement photos is HARD?

Well, it is.

Last night, we continued our search. Yes, I dragged the boy along with me. We had great intentions of looking for him, too, but we ran out of time.

I got a pair of rain boots and work shoes because everything on sale at a Banana Republic was an additional 40 percent off. Will I wear either of these in our photos? Nope. But these shoes were ridiculously cheap. Like I have zero extra funds to spend on things I don't NEED, and it was OK to buy these. That's how cheap they were.
A basic shoe everyone needs.

I sure wish I had these on right now since it's pouring!
I will more than likely end up wearing something I already own. And that’s OK.

Today’s lunch consisted of fruit and pasta. While not the most well-rounded meal, it was delicious!

And now it’s hailing outside!
Adam happened to be playing golf while it started hailing on him. The golf cart just isn't fast enough.
Hooray for Friday Eve!

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Kaley said...

It's so stressful putting together outfits for engagement pics! I wore things I already had and it turned out great. Just stick with classic pieces!