Friday, April 22, 2011

Lean Cuisines and mud wrestling.

How do you feel about frozen dinners that claim to be healthy? I definitely think they're a better option than a burger, but I know I feel 10 times better when I eat food that's not processed for lunch.

But, my tortilla crusted fish Lean Cuisine at lunch sure was tasty. The big problem with these meals used to be the sodium. It was ridiculous. But with today's options, there's less sodium, more fiber, and 100 percent whole grains.

I like to keep them in my freezer for days that I don't have time to make a salad or pack something else for lunch. It sure beats eating a hot dog from the food vendor right after I burned 500 calories in Body Attack. If you didn't know, I work out at lunch almost every day. I'm lucky to work at a company that offers lunch time fitness classes with certified instructors. Actually, it's pretty awesome.

Although you might think frozen meals will save money, I still think buying fresh produce and using it throughout the week is a better option. But I'm the first to admit this isn't always easy.

So, I try to minimize the frozen meals to one every couple weeks. And I tell myself that's 100 percent OK!

Engagement photo news
Our pictures were supposed to be tomorrow, but we've had to reschedule due to Mother Nature. One of our photo locations is a field, and I'm thinking mud wrestling isn't on our shot list. Side note: Don't Google "mud wrestling." The images are not something you want to see. The new date is May 4. Hooray!

Happy, happy Friday! It's a GOOD day.

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knwalker said...

I know this is really corny but Dad (and Paul) will be proud, so:
May the fourth be with you!