Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Five year college reunion and Mr. A's birthday.

This weekend, I had my five-year college reunion. What?
Not the best quality, but this is Megan and me.
Nikki and Katie, two of my bridesmaids.
Nikki and her wonderful husband, Paul. He also went to Hendrix, but he graduated before us.
Nikki and Alli.
I love this picture. Who knows what we were talking about.

You might be asking yourself what college has a five year reunion. Hendrix College! It’s a small liberal arts school in central Arkansas (affiliated with the Methodist Church—much like SMU in Texas).

Honestly, I really only saw the people I always see when I go “home.” But that’s OK because I love them!

Before the reunion, my Saturday started by working at the Northwest Arkansas Junior League's Touch a Truck fundraiser. Even though it was FREEZING at 7:30 a.m., it was fun to work with the girls on a fun event that supports such a great organization. I had to leave and immediately drive to Little Rock.
I shouldn't be dressed like this in mid-April!
The sun decided not to come out until after we finished setting up. At least it made an appearance!
When we got to Little Rock, we had a couple hours before the reunion, so I searched for an outfit to wear for this Saturday's engagement photo session. Unsuccessful. This is HARD! I bought this shirt, which is listed online as a cardigan (really?), but I don't think it is what I'm going for. And I don't know about a dress because I don't know if I want my legs to show. Also, it's supposed to rain Saturday. Great.
It looks completely different on me.
This weekend was also Adam’s 28th birthday! I didn’t do a special blog post for him because I’m 99 percent he doesn’t read my blog anymore. That’s OK. Smiley Faces I love you, and I hope you had the best birthday ever!
The boy and I at the reunion Saturday night.
We had a great lunch with my family (so good to see them) at On the Border in Little Rock before we headed back to NWA. Then, it was time for Adam’s dinner choice—sushi! It’s pretty funny because before we dated, he thought he didn’t like sushi. Now he LOVES it. Dinner also included a huge cookie cake that I’ve successfully managed to make myself sick off eating way too much.

Since I’ve been eating so much cookie cake, I decided to really push myself during my lunch workout. We did our cardio/strength class outside, and I don’t know if it is because it’s the first time we’ve been outside this year or because I pushed a little too hard, but it killed me.

I was done after we did sets of stairs. And that was the first thing we did …

Happy Tuesday!

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