Friday, April 15, 2011

Armpit pain.

After rockin' out at body pump at 5:30 a.m. this morning, I obviously needed a shower before work.

And since I've yet to fulfill my lifelong dream of laser hair removal, I have to shave my armpits (such a gross word).

This morning, I did something I've actually never done. I cut a huge gash (yes, it's more than just a little shaving nick) in the "corner" of my armpit (again, gross word).

I took a picture with my phone, but then I decided that would be weird to post (not to mention gross). There is such a thing as sharing too much.

Instead, I will share some fabulous iPhone photos taken at last night's Kitchen Queens. The weather got pretty bad in Arkansas late last night, but we were still up for a night with the ladies.

Mary Kate is such a wonderful hostess.
Let's just call the light reflection "art." It's a great picture of Katie!
More art of Mary Kate and Britani.
Katie made this, but I'm pretty sure she said her fiance decorated it. Perfect!

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