Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday (on Thursday): photography

So, I'm so excited that I get to do Wedding Wednesday posts. I just ran out of time yesterday.

OK, so there's always time to blog. My real excuse is that I've had a ridiculous headache for the past two days. Everything I wrote sounded lame, so I didn't post it. Now, this isn't much better, but at least you understand.

Did I mention I WON a photography package? Yep, the whole thing! I entered through the photographer's website, and then all I had to do was like her page. And I won.

We get:
Engagement photos
Bridal portraits
8 hours of wedding day coverage with 2 photogs
An disc of edited images

For FREE! 

I know there are still a few photography related things we will have to purchase (large bridal print, engagement photo book for people to sign, prints, etc.), but I was beyond excited.

I've been a little stressed about how everything was going to work out because it is all SO expensive.

And I got the e-mail telling me we won late Saturday night. I might have been playing Bejeweled on my phone in bed. Remember, my mom and I found the dress earlier that day, and she purchased it. Whew. Quite a day.

Sidenote: I decided to definitely go with the zip up/buttons. It's just more "me." 

I ran across the house and turned the lights on in the guest bedroom to SCREAM to my mom about how we won. After she realized there was not an emergency, she got excited, too.

I'm meeting with the photographer tomorrow to sign the contract and schedule engagement photos. I cannot thank Angela J Martin photography enough for making me the happiest person ever.

I love the slogan she uses on her marketing material: All you need is love ... and a really great photographer! 

OK, how do you decide what to wear to your engagement photos? Do you photograph yourself in it first to see if it looks OK?

I love this Milly dress, and I think it would be perfect for the photos. But does white work in the photos? And is a dress a bad idea?

I need outfit help. 

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*Allie* said...

I just stumbled across your blog - congratulations on your engagement!

So cool that you won a free photography package.

I like the dress you are thinking of wearing! I just got married recently and wore a black and white dress for our engagement photos, and the pics looked AWESOME! So, I vote yes on your dress pick :-)

Good luck with everything!