Monday, March 21, 2011

Cherry pie and Nilla wafers.

Breaking up with Diet Coke is hard to do. I’ve found that I’ve been drinking a little too much sugar (in the form of juice) since giving up sodas for Lent.

I need to control myself.

Even though you know a lot of the things you drink aren’t good for you, this list of the worst drinks in America (sent to me by my love co-worker, Kelsey) shocked me.

For example, one bottle of a Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino is the equivalent of 32 Nilla Wafers. I think on the satisfaction level, I would much rather eat 32 wafers (if that’s even possible—that’s a lot of cookie-eating, folks).

One bottle of SoBe Green Tea is the equivalent of 4 slices of Sara Lee Cherry Pie. CHERRY PIE! The SoBe people managed to cram 61 grams of sugar into one bottle of tea. Woah. And just so you know, the recommended amount of sugar per day for non-diabetic people is 40 grams.

I need to think about these things before I buy the canned apple juice from the vending machine.

Happy Monday!

I have lots of wedding to-dos this week because Mr. A is home this week!

Photo of the day: Celebrating St. Patrick's Day (last Thursday) with good friends and green beer. Yes, I realize the photo is blurry.

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