Monday, February 21, 2011

Winning a Mercedes.

This weekend started out like any other.

After work, I went to Academy Sports to return some shoes (And of course I was suckered in to buying more Nike workout clothes. I love them.).

I met Mr. A at the country club for dinner and drinks.

It was there that we decided to go to the casino.

After running around Saturday, we came back to the casino for the Rev up Your Romance drawing. We thought, “Why not?” Adam’s parents were also there. We found out from a casino employee that if your name was called, you only had three minutes to make it to the desk. So we ran around and told everyone we knew the instructions, just in case.

The drawing was supposed to be a 7 p.m., but they announced they were running behind. When the announcement came over the speaker, Mr. A and I were across the casino at one of the bars. He was getting a drink and I playing a game on my phone.

When they announced the name, I couldn’t believe it. I yelled at Adam. He said, “What?” He didn’t hear it. But then they announced it again. His dad won a 2011 Mercedes! We sprinted across the casino to make sure he was there, and he was! He made it within three minutes.

I still can’t believe he won!

Happy Monday!


Marian said...

Oh my goodness. Happy Monday indeed!! That is so exciting

D @ The best things in life said...

HOLY dream car!