Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday = spray tans and no more small shoes.

Reasons I'm SO CRAZY happy it's Friday:

  • Work has been ridiculous lately. So busy. I have to remind myself to eat lunch. OK, that’s not true. And I still make time for my lunch workouts (most days). But still, it’s crazy. Let's not talk about it anymore. 
  • What’s not to love about weekends? I wish I was going to see my family Sunday at the horse races, but I think we’re going next weekend. And next weekend I get to see baby Vivie (my friend from college had a baby—she was born a couple months early, but everything is good now!).
  • I always get a delicious salad from the lunch vendor on Fridays. This morning, I sort of forgot it was Friday and brought my lunch. I still got the salad. But the vendor was different today, so I had to put barbecue sauce on it because the only dressing they had was ranch. I didn’t know this until after I bought the salad. The sauce was good, though. The picture … not so appetizing. I’m weird and don’t eat the croutons.
  • I realize this looks completely disgusting. But I had to show you. :)
  • There’s no more snow left because it’s in the 60s, ya’ll!
  • This has nothing to do with Friday, but I had a great time with some fantastic friends last night. We extended happy hour into a full evening of fun. I’m not going to lie … it feels a little awkward to be at a bar at 10 p.m. in your work clothes when everyone else is … not.
  • Theo's (a super nice restaurant) is the best happy hour place in Fayetteville.
    And they have delicious $5 appetizers.
    I love Colleen and Sarah!
    Colleen and Sarah: Take II!
  • After Saturday’s spray tan, I’m addicted. I think I’m going to go get another today.
  • I finally get to return my new workout class shoes (I must use different shoes for classes and running) because they’re too small! I used them once, so don’t tell Academy. How was I supposed to know they were too small until my feet went numb during a spin class?

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