Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue nails? And 4.51%.

To say that I like the Essie 2011 spring collection would be an understatement. I love it. Especially all the pinks and the “French Affair” theme.

Last night, I got this cute little box with four colors from the collection. I’m obsessed with Ulta. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet), Mr. A was with me, so I couldn’t spend tons of time looking around.

I LOVE three of the colors in the box. And the fourth is gorgeous (blue), but I’m not sure about putting it on my nails. Painting my nails is a new thing for me. For the longest time, I didn’t do anything to my nails. Then, for about a year I had a French manicure. I got tired of that. All winter, my nails were some shade of gray. Seriously. Since August, they’ve been gray.

Last time, I went pink.

My Private Cabana.

I can’t decide which of the four to use today.

Here are the options:

French Affair:
Nice is Nice:
Coat Azure:

 Topless & Barefoot:
My first thought was Topless & Barefoot. Then I changed my mind and thought French Affair. But after seeing Nice is Nice on nails, it’s gorgeous. But the blue is different and I actually like it. I’m going to the horse races this weekend, and the outfit I have picked out to wear Saturday has blue in it.
What do you think???

P.S. Today’s weigh in was great! I’m at a 4.51% loss! The competition has six more weeks to go, and my goal is 10%. That’s what it takes to win any money!

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