Friday, January 14, 2011

Sickly Friday.

I have a head cold.

This hinders my writing/blogging capabilities. Maybe I will blog over the weekend ... although I'm pretty busy. I'm doing something ridiculous with my friend Sarah tomorrow during the day, then I'm going to Paint the Town Red tomorrow night. On Sunday, I'm attending a class at the church I plan to join (Central United Methodist). It's four hours long ...

Things I was supposed to blog about this week:
  • Christmas
  • My next giveway (it involves some free yogurt and other fun fitness stuff). I must do this Monday.
  • Chicago
I went to Kitchen Queens last night, even though I didn't feel well. It was at my friend Sarah's house. I met Sarah through a friend I made in grad school. Now, Sarah works with on of my BFFs from high school. It's a small world after all. Because I felt yucky, I only took photos of food. I meant to take a picture with my friend Katie (Junior League friend who is my cousin) because she just got engaged over Christmas, but I didn't. Whoops.

There were a lot of girls there last night, which is fun! I'm so glad I get to see these girls each month.

And now on to the food:
Colleen's hashbrown casserole and Mary Kate's lasagna. Both were oh so delicious.

Pioneer woman's mac and cheese (two thumbs up!) and my corn and shrimp soup.

Corn and shrimp soup and tasty turkey chili (with pumpkin!).
I found this picture on my camera. The boy must have taken it.
He got this handmade Razorback for Christmas. I like it.

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Angie said...

I hope you are feeling better! :)