Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've got style.

Thanks to Angie at Life of a Single Gal for this fabulous award!

I've got something, and I'm glad she thinks it's style.

The rules state that I have to list seven things about myself that most people reading don't know. So, here goes!

1. I had my nose pierced in college. Before you imagine me with a huge ring in my nose, you should know it was one of those tiny, usually pink sparkling nose piercings. I went to two places before I found one that would pierce it with a tiny silver nose ring that wasn’t actually a ring. A ton of girls at my school had their noses pierced. I guess you could say it was a fad. And my mom actually thought it was cute. I’m sure I have a picture of it somewhere, but not with me.

2. I finally took it out because I was on dance team in college, and I got tired of taking it out for performances. I was on dance team all four years, and I was co-captain my junior and senior years. One of the things I miss more than anything is dancing and performing.

Group shot during my junior year.

Junior year of high school. Haha! Hint on finding me: I have BLONDE hair! I randomly had this photo saved, so I thought I would share.
College dance production. I'm in the back, middle!
Christmas performance. Can you find me? Front, second from right.
Picture for a t-shirt during my senior year.
Production during my junior year of college. I'm third from the right.

Junior year production. We were saloon girls.
Senior year. Co-captain and captain.
I graduated! Shannon, one of my college BFFs.
Hannah, one of my college BFFs.
Action shot!
 3. I got accepted to NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute after grad school, and sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I had gone. It’s an intense six-week study of book, magazine and digital publishing.

4. I worry all the time. About everything. The world, what I’m having for lunch, my family, my friends, what’s going to happen on The Bachelor … you get the idea.

5. I always thought my career would be at an ad agency. I thought agencies were so cool. After two agency internships and a position at an agency, I’m in the corporate world. Life is full of surprises. It’s hard to stay out of the corporate world when the area you live in houses three of the world’s largest companies …

6. I had a cat named Maggie for four years. I made the decision to give him away because the boy is allergic. He never asked me to do this, but I knew how much of a problem it would be. I still miss Mags, but I know he’s in a good place. Yes, I said he. A boy named Maggie. The family renamed him Max.

7. I make spreadsheet packing lists before every trip I go on. Even if it’s just for the weekend.

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Edited to add: I have to also give the Stylish Blogger Award to DB at the best things in life. I just started reading her blog, and today, I won her most recent giveaway! I never win anything, so I'm super excited! It helps that the prize is a set of super cute "Love" tags that will be perfect for Valentine's Day.

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Hey Doll, You won my giveaway! I will have Jerrhelyn from Love Inspired contact you right away! :)