Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chicago: The middle part II.

Day three was NYE. So, let's start at the end of the night and work our way backwards.

Ciroc Party at The Drake Hotel
I personally think this party was totally worth the $155 a ticket price tag. The music was fantastic. There were four rooms to choose from. Drinks were plentiful (and so was the food--we had Burrito Beach for dinner, so I didn't partake. By the way, I don't recommend Burrito Beach unless you only eat the guacamole). And everyone was dancing! My kind of party.

The best part of the night might have been the walk home. I made a point to say "Happy New Year" to each person we passed. Sometimes, I even added "ya'll." Amazingly, every single person said something pleasant back. And we stopped for pink frosted donuts at the Dunkin' Donuts across from our hotel. Did I mention we also stopped at 7/11 for ramen-in-a- cup? Because we did.
This was at our hotel before we made the brisk walk to The Drake Hotel.
A beautiful tree in the lobby of The Drake. Yep, that's my slip hanging out. At least I wore one, right?

This was our favorite of the four ballrooms.
Party time. This was after the balloon drop.
Self portrait.
Thanks random people who totally offered to take our picture.
I didn't even ask. This was RIGHT after midnight.
Self portrait. Again.
Let's celebrate!
Museum of Science and Industry
After a long bus ride to Soldier Field, we took a taxi to the museum. Total tourists who hadn't yet figured out the bus system.  Plus, we were starving.

U-505 sub.
I fit right in.

There was another cow you could milk.
We're so much bigger now.
His veins.
Her veins.

We did a flight simulator, and we were an awesome team.
Transportation room.
Who knew?
Soldier Field Tour
When we left the hotel, we quickly realized we had no time for breakfast. Uh oh. I'm a grumpy hungry person. However, the tour was so much fun that I forgot about the fact that I was starving. That is until the second it was over and we walked around the entire stadium trying to find the bus stop. You guessed it. We decided to take a taxi to our next stop.
Our entry gate.

Help! I'm injured. I wore the wrong shoes for the football stadium.
Visitors' locker room.

Soldier boy.
 I promise I didn't take as many photos on our last full day.

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