Thursday, December 2, 2010

NYE: What would you do?

Now that we're going to Chicago, the big question is, what should we do for NYE?

At first, we decided on going on a yacht party thing from the Navy Pier. It sold out.

Then, I found other yacht party things, but I'm not sure about them. The reviews of the regular dinner cruises on these yachts aren't stellar. But it sounds fun. Piano bars, DJs, food, fireworks, on a boat...oh will be freezing. So, the whole point of being on a boat and seeing the city is pointless because you know I won't be on the top freezing my tush off in my dress.
And the dress. That's a whole other post. What exactly does "Dress to impress" mean? Impress who? Because I'm positive that totally makes a difference. That's what all these parties say...

I think we've decided on the Ciroc party at the Drake Hotel. It's a Chicago landmark. The party is in four ballrooms. It's inside. There are DJs and a live cover band. There is a balloon drop. Who doesn't love balloons? It's closer to our hotel, which means no taxi. Both are within walking distance, but the Drake is closer.

The prices are about the same. (AKA ridiculously overpriced, but I don't want to just go somewhere random. I a plan fan.) The boat is a little more expensive, but it includes a full dinner (buffet). The party includes appetizers and dessert. Both include premium bars. What would you do?


Mrs. Bear said...

I have discovered this past year that boats + me + alcohol = pukey, so I'd chose the party on land! Check out for a dress for NYE - I <3 that site!

Ragan said...

I am jealous. Please take me with you.

Gracie said...

I'd go with the Drake as well... and I second the suggestion to check out LuLu' But don't tell too many more people.