Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angels and the Windy City.

The boy and I will spend New Year's Eve in Chicago! It's my favorite city by far. He has to be there the Sunday after New Year's for work, so we decided to make a little mini-vacation out of his trip.

This will be my fifth or sixth time to the city (can't remember exactly), but the first time for Mr. A and I to travel to a big city together. We've gone skiing. We've gone to the beach. But now it's time to live it up in the city!
The second time I went to Chicago, I went with my college BFFs.
Shannon (right) was one of those gals.
This is us in flapper outfits for a production in college.
Flapper outfits seem very Chicago, right?
Now, if I can magically look like one of these girls from last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But seriously--did you watch it? I LOVED it. It was definitely entertaining, and I loved the "behind the scenes" angle. Pictures are from

Do you think they're really having that much fun? I do!

Can you believe she had a baby?

Adriana Lima is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Chicago is such fun on New Year's! My husband and I were there for our honeymoon at that time last year. We met up with some friends at Giordano's Pizza and then went to a concert at a venue in Wicker Park--FUN! I don't know how so many girls were wearing skimpy little dresses and heels, though, because it was ZERO degrees. :)

And I will warn you...don't try to talk a cabbie into giving you a flat rate and turning off the meter on New Year's Eve. We had so many people run and try to hop into our taxi when we were stopped at lights or in traffic. Then when they saw it was occupied, they started cussing us all out. Pretty scary.

Allison said...

I bet it was cold! I would like to do something close to our hotel so we don't have to worry about a taxi. I've read they're hard to come by on NYE. Plus, I don't want to deal with the crazies!

Any other recommendations of things we should do in the winter? I'm sure your honeymoon was fabulous! I've never been in December!