Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gummy bunnies.

To be honest, I’m probably not as concerned with eating “organic” as I should be. I try, but I unfortunately opt for convenience a lot of the time, which usually comes in the form of a large grocery chain we’re all familiar with.

Yes, I think eating healthy is important. But I have lots of room for improvement. Just like Lindsay Lohan, but let’s not talk about her today.

What I do want to tell you about are Annie’s organic bunny fruit snacks. Last night, I bought some of these at our local natural foods store, and I'm pretty impressed. With the phrase “No icky additives or pesky preservatives” on the front next to the large bunny, I’m pretty sure they’re meant for 7 year olds. Or 26 year olds.

But if it means getting my gummy fix without the “icky additives or pesky preservatives” even if it’s in the shape of a bunny, I’ll take it. And really, it’s not much worse than eating a bear.

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