Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday facts of a different kind.

Fact: I’ve become slightly obsessed with Luna bars this week. As in it’s what I’ve eaten for breakfast every day. I can’t get enough.

Today’s flavor: White Chocolate Macadamia

Delicious breakfast.

Factoid about Luna bars: Target has a MUCH better selection of flavors than Walmart. It’s a fact.

Fact: My bff Rachel is coming into town today from Dallas. She’s the reason the boy and I are together. Gotta love her for that. And she’s pretty fabulous, too. Our only big plans are going to the football game tomorrow. I’m sure we will figure out loads of other fun things to do, and I can almost guarantee we will go eat some sushi.

Fact: It’s Friday, and I’ve barely worked out this week. Guilty! But I’m going to do the killer Body Attack class at lunch and give it all I’ve got. Surely that will make up for something.

Fact: I’m so happy the boy is home! He’s been in Oregon fishing and doing boy things before he starts his new job, and he decided to stay a little longer, finally returning late Wednesday night. This means I can finally do my giveaway next week.

Part of the post about the giveaway involves an at-home date night, and I sort of need him around for that, right? So, the plan is to do our date night Sunday or Monday, and I will start the giveaway Tuesday! It’s a yummy one!

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