Monday, October 25, 2010

Raining a latte.

This weekend was full of fun with friends.

Rachel, my BFF from Dallas, got into town around 6:45 p.m. Friday. We immediately headed to our go-to Mexican restaurant, La Huerta. A little Rachel bragging: she’s training for her first marathon, and she ran 14 miles Friday before driving to Fayetteville. Go Rachel!

After dinner, we did lots of talking at Sarah’s house before heading to bed around midnight.

Yes, Liberty Bell counts as one of my friends.
 Saturday: We got up early and had breakfast at the club, which is where we were getting picked up to go to the football game.

Rachel's ready to go!
So am I ! Woo pig sooie!
You MUST start Saturday game day with a fab breakfast.
Hmm...he asked if he could wear this. I don't think it fits.
Amanda! I don't see her enough.
He just loves taking pictures like this ALL the time. I promise.

I'm not sure if this is before the rain or after the rain.
This is definitely during the rain. Woah.
Rachel and her cute new hairdo.
See, I told you he loves these pictures...

So glad Rach came to visit!

I love April and Jeff!
After two rain delays, the five-hour game ended with a Razorback win! 
We played cards on the floor, and Adam dropped one.
If only we won money for something like this happening.

Before we went out Saturday, Rachel let me tease her hair.
I love when my friends trust me to do this. :)

Girls ready to go out after a long game day!

We then went back to the boy’s house (after a fake fender bender—not fun) and played some games before we loaded up a car full of people to stay out way too late on Dickson Street. It was an “eat breakfast at Village Inn at 2:30 a.m." kind of night. Lots of fun!

He's really excited about Colleen's martini. And to be in this picture.

First stop Saturday night: Theo's

We love Theo's martinis. The best in town.
Note to self: Remember to change pink bra next time. I promise it didn't look this way in person.
I blame it on the flash.
Sunday: After our late night, we got a late start on Sunday. While the boy watched the Chiefs win, Rachel and I had lunch at her choice: Marketplace. We decided to give her a little road fuel, aka Starbucks, before she had to get on the road to Dallas.

Cheese dip at Marketplace. So yummy.
Adam hates this dip, so I was glad Rachel wanted to share!

It was a FANTASTIC weekend spent with friends.

Now, I’m off to brainstorm about how to make Adam and I Yogi and Boo Boo costumes. Yep, we still dress up!

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