Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cutting back to a 10k

When I first decided to run the 10k, I felt guilty that I decided not to do the half marathon in December. But now, I’m over that feeling. It’s awesome that I’m running a 10(k). I mean 6.2 miles isn’t a walk in the park. Or even a run in the park.

But the truth is, I have no clue what to expect when running in an actual race, there weren’t any 5k’s I could do before December, and I will feel much more confident about running a half marathon in March after I run the 10k in December.

Is this a good plan? I sure hope so because it’s what I’m doing.

Plus, I’ve heard it’s better to make your first half marathon more of an exciting thing…so doing one where I live doesn’t really fit into that mold. I’m thinking the Rock-N-Roll half marathon in Dallas in March 2011.

Happy training!

And if you're familiar with NWA, here's the course map for the 10k. It finishes in the football stadium. Smiley

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