Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All asses were not created equal. And other things I like.

On Monday, I read a bunch of oldish magazines and found a bunch of newish things I like.
  • For example, I love this tote from L.L Bean, which I found in the November issue of Lucky. OK, that was the only magazine that wasn’t older. And by old I mean last month. Isn’t it lovely? It was on a page titled American Classic, and I completely agree. My grandmother instilled in me my love of L.L. Bean, and I thank her for that.
  • I love hairspray. Seriously. And I love the Big Sexy Hair line, but I usually stick with the $3 a pop Tresemme. But I think I need to try this: Healthy Sexy Hair firm hold hairspray. If it’s not firm hold, what’s the point? I also saw this in Lucky.
  • Essie’s Hot Coco fall color. Love it. I found this in People.

The new Levi’s ad campaign. Lucky again.

The ad I saw even tells you this girl is wearing a size 25. I’m pretty sure that’s the size of my calf. I guess that’s the point: All asses were not created equal.

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Mrs. Bear said...

HAHA I love that new campaign!