Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stretchy pants and football.

My lovely friend Ragan (and her hubs Steven) had a fantastic tailgate brunch themed party at their home last weekend to watch the Arkansas vs. Georgia game (woo pig sooie we won!). The idea was for everyone to bring a six pack of international brew. The boy and I failed because we brought Sam Adams (we decided to cover the Americano part of the world). We each had a score card and rated the beers we tried. Cute idea and I loved trying new beer that I would normally never buy.
This was my favorite random beer.
There was lots of yelling because it was a close game.
Ragan loves football!
I went to a wedding on Saturday (of course). I didn’t take very many pics, but the bride was gorgeous:
It was a beautiful outdoor wedding.
Sorry, Candy! It's the only picture I got where you could see your beautiful dress.

On to the weight loss competition…well, I’ve done…OK this week. However, I did eat .64 lbs of gummy candy last night. Yes, from one of those candy stores where you fill up your own bag. Did you know those places are outrageously expensive? I paid almost $6 for a “tiny” bag of candy.

And today, I’m feeling like this:


Why do we do this to ourselves?

Another random thought: I went to a local boutique last night (MACA), and the only things I’ve ever bought there were now on the 50 percent rack. Now, this wouldn’t be as big of a deal if the store didn’t ONLY buy two of each size in each item. Nope, they don’t reorder (except for the basics). What does this say about my taste?

This is one of those items (last year’s New Year’s Eve outfit).

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Ragan said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad you two fabs came to the party. The random beer that you liked was Hoegaarden - it's a Belgian wheat. I look like an uncultured skuzz drinking Miller Lite - I had apparently been ready to move on to the lighter beers by that point.