Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Erin Andrews and other random things.

One of my former co-workers at the PR agency now works with me at my “new” job (not so new anymore). This is her third week, and we decided to go to lunch yesterday.

I’ve gone out to lunch less than 7 times since December.

Yesterday, I suggested we go to Einstein Brothers in Rogers. Also random because neither of us had ever been there.

Well, guess who we ran into?

Ms. Erin Andrews of ESPN.

This is not an illusion. She's tall and tiny (and I'm a tiny bit jealous).
At first, I didn’t realize it was her, but she’s definitely someone you notice. As I was re-filling my diet Coke before we left, I was noticing this girl’s cute shoes (blue Tory Burch flats) and then taking note of her random drink choice (lemonade topped with unsweetened tea).

When we got outside, Kelsey said she thought the girl was Erin Andrews. After a quick call to her husband to confirm that yes, she’s in Rogers (to interview the Arkansas Razorbacks quarterback), we went back in for a photo-op.

She wasn’t super excited we interrupted her lunch for a picture, but we had to! She probably only said three words to us, but I’m just happy she didn’t tell us no. At least we caught her before she took her first bite.

Other things

  • My workspace is a full blown editing studio this week. This means I’m busy.
  • Our fifth and final wedding in the foreseeable future is Friday.
  • There’s a big football game in town this weekend. I think they planned it this way since it’s my birthday weekend. I’m a fan of all the hoopla.
  • Don’t you just love the word “hoopla”?
I’m going to post about last weekend tomorrow. Yep, I know it’s Thursday. But it was a good one, and I can’t ignore it!

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