Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation tips in photos.

Start out the day with a good breakfast.
Sit here as often as possible.
Get your hair wet and don't worry about what it looks like.

Watch everything that goes on at the beach.
This is the setup for the "romantic dinner."

Play or watch fun games by the pool. Giant Jenga!
Take a break for a game of chess.
Grab a beer (or two) from the beer cart.

Ask for a bucket of ice to keep your extra beer cold.
Hang out at the sports bar.
See what the random beach vendors are selling.
Go to casino night.
Take a walk to explore what's around you.
You never know what you might find.
Keep doing lots of this.
Hang out at the lifeguard stand.
Play in the sand.
Or play on the rocks.
Dream about having a BIG boat.
And most importantly...spend time...
With those you love the most.


baltobabe said...

Love the PICS Alli! THE SMILES say it ALL! Looks like you and "The Boy" had an AMazing time! Thanks for taking us all along with you!

May all your travels be HAPPY!

Rene said...

That was GREAT!!!!! Love that so much!!!! Great tips too!