Thursday, August 26, 2010

Xplor. And comfy beach towels.

Waiting on our van with our cool new "water" shoes.
Van is here. We're ready to go!
During our vacation last year, the waves were so big that we spent hours playing on the boogie boards. This year, we decided before we left that we were definitely going on an excursion. I did some research, and we had pretty much decided we were going to go to Xplor.

When we arrived at Now Jade, one of the first questions I asked the wonderful concierge manager was what excursion she would recommend if we wanted something adventurous. Her response: Xplor. That finalized our decision.
A little site seeing on our way.

A random carnival on our way to Xplor.
Town we drove through on our way.
Our tickets were $129 each. I think it’s a bit cheaper if you buy online before, but I would recommend just buying at the hotel once you get there. This makes the transportation to and from easier, and you never know about the weather. And the excursion was only available from Now Jade on Mondays and Wednesdays during the week.

We went on Monday, and it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done (and I think the boy agrees). P.S. “the boy” is short for “the boyfriend” in case you were wondering.

It was very crowded, but it was an easy process to get checked in and get our helmets. We were given a wristband when the bus came to pick us up at our hotel, and we had to wear it all day because it allowed us to eat and get back to the hotel.

By the way, Now Jade doesn’t make you wear wristbands all week like some all inclusive resorts. This, to me, is a huge perk. They also don’t make you have a towel card. You can pick up towels freely, and we were even able to take two towels to Xplor. By the way, the towels are huge and comfy. Perfect beach towels.

What is Xplor: It’s basically a theme park, but not the kind you’re imagining.

Ziplines: It has two courses with 13 lines that make up 2.2 miles (with a maximum height of 148 feet). We did the “dry” course first, but you get wet at the very end when you zipline into the water. The wet course was our favorite. In the middle of it, you get to go down a huge toboggan slide. So much fun.

Yes, you have to wear the helmets the whole time.
The heart makes a beating noise. It was
actually kind of annoying after a while. But
at least you knew where you were.
We didn’t really think the underground rafting was that much fun. Mostly because the hand paddles are hard to maneuver. The river swim was OK, but it was kind of cold. I think the water was 75 degrees.

We found a dino.
The amphibious vehicles were fun, but not as fun as the ziplines. You drive through caves and “jungle” areas. And you can go as fast or as slow as you would like. Adam driving=super fast. Alli driving=lots of laughing and screaming and not so fast.

Your ticket price includes food, drinks, lockers…basically everything except the photos taken of you. We looked at them, but decided not to buy since we took a waterproof camera. For $75, you get a USB with all the photos taken of you all day.

Once I get the waterproof camera developed, I will post those pictures. But we did take a few before we started, of course. ☺


baltobabe said...

Sounds like a FUN Day Allison!

Rene said...

Oh that does sound like a good time, but steep for us financially!! This vacation is more than a treat, due to the money thing, so not sure if we would be able to go on any excursions! I was hoping to surprise my fiance with a romantic dinner on the beach, so that would be my splurge!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at Xplor!