Friday, July 9, 2010

Beauty pageant queen.

So, I decided to stop at McDonald’s for some coffee this morning. It’s way more convenient for me than Starbucks, and to be honest, the regular coffee is just as good. You can never take away my non-fat cinnamon dulce lattes from Starbucks, but a Mickey D’s cup of joe is quite delicious. Anyways, on to the point of my story.

I went in because the drive-thru line was ridiculous. As I’m waiting for my coffee, an older gentleman waiting for his food says to me, “You musta been in a lot of beauty pageants.” I laugh. I’m feeling great as I tell him I haven’t even finished my makeup yet. And my hair is in a ponytail. He says, “Well, you sure are a beautiful young lady.” My head is growing larger by the second.

 We chat for a minute, and walk out at the same time. As I pull into the work parking lot, I fold down my mirror to quickly finish my makeup. I have toothpaste all over my lips. As in my lips are white. The old man clearly just likes to flirt with young ladies because I looked like some sort of alien creature.

Head is back to regular size.

* Pictures are from Kitchen Queens. We laughed. We ate. We had so much fun! Allie's house is just beautiful. And I wanted to take baby Cash home with me.

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