Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's wonderful weekend recap.

Well, now that the week’s halfway over, I think it’s time I tell you about my weekend.

Friday night: Met my dear friend Rachel for dinner. The boys came with us. After, we met people at Powerhouse for a drink. It was a fairly early night because I had to get up early and drive to Little Rock.

Saturday: Left Fayetteville around 8 a.m. I got my oil changed and hit the road. Mom and I went shopping all day, and we finally found the dress. We went to several boutiques, Scarlet, Pinky Punky, B. Barnett…etc., but I just couldn’t find anything. After lunch at Panera, we decided to go to the mall. I found the perfect dress at Dillard’s.
We actually found a gorgeous Antonio Melani dress, but it wasn’t very practical. It was my mom’s favorite, but we both knew the wedding might be the only time I would ever wear it. I can wear the dress I got for another wedding in June.

Saturday night: Mom and I went to see The Backup Plan. It was a good, girly movie that was actually funny. The best part was the ridiculous dog. We did some more shopping after the movie and finally made it home around 9:30 p.m. I finally got to see Dad!

Sunday: We had a great day celebrating my fabulous mother and grandmother. First, my mom opened presents at home. She loved them! I really think she would be completely fine with the cards.

My sister’s fantastic British boyfriend, Paul, came to my grandparents’ house in Hot Springs to cook us all lunch. His mum and stepdad were in town from England, so they got to meet our family for the first time. It was so interesting to hear their stories and take on America.

My favorite part was hearing Paul’s stepdad talk about the news here…and the adverts. I loved it! It was seriously one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. It was nice to be with all of my family.

The only mishap was we somehow managed to seriously clog the drain. See photo of me (what? Why was I doing this?) trying to plunge it. What an ordeal. They had to get the plumber out Monday to fix it…

Happy Wednesday!

And I'm ready to be here Memorial Day weekend having fun in the sun and celebrating little sister's 22nd birthday!

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