Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday already.

Well, we spent Friday night getting ready for the garage sale only to end up canceling it because of the stormy weather. However, something terrible happened. My dear friend Liz brought a nice chandelier to sell (we’re talking retails at more than $400), and someone stole it. The garage sale was at a friend’s house, and she let a few people come in the garage and look at the stuff since we had already put it out there that there was a garage sell. Apparently someone decided to steal. From a garage sale. Who does that? And of course the one thing stolen was the most expensive. I just can’t believe there are people who do stuff like that.

The boy and I went to P.F. Chang’s on Saturday night, and little did we know it was prom night. That means we got to see tons of ridiculous dresses. And we sat in the bar because there’s no way these hungry people were waiting 90 minutes for a table. Adam made me drink sake. Too much of it. Gross. If it’s not sparkling, I don’t want it. After dinner, we headed to Eddie Haskell’s to meet friends.

I hope this week starts off better than Saturday morning. I wish I could tell the yard sale thief a few things that are on my mind…

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Mrs. Bear said...

I can't believe someone would steal a chandelier! What is wrong with people?