Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Weekend

I'm so happy you're here. Your trip was long and stressful, but I'm glad you made it. Please remember to not pass by as swiftly as you usually do. I would really like to catch up, take a break…you know all the good things you bring to my life. Your archenemy, Monday, likes to ruin my life, and I know you don’t appreciate that.

I have big plans for you, Mr. Weekend. Tonight, I’m going to the Razorback baseball game with many friends. We're having a cookout. Tomorrow...well, tomorrow is unplanned. But I know you like that. And Sunday I’m helping a friend move, have a kickball game, and I get to go see a friend’s baby! See, I have so much to do with you, my friend.

Thank you for understanding when I get mad at you on Sunday nights. It’s not your fault, and you know that. I’m sure you would like to stay around every day. I’m still working on getting together with your friends to see if we can arrange that. Enjoy yourself!

All my love,


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Mrs. Bear said...

Hahahaha I love this. Hope you and Mr. Weekend enjoy one another!~