Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello, Monday!

Well, Mr. Weekend came and went far too quickly and now I’m stuck with Monday.

I’m going to have the busiest week I’ve had so far at my job. But it’s a good thing!

Here’s a little weekend recap:

Friday: Went to the baseball game. Had delicious food. Liz made delicious cookies. It was freezing. No, I didn’t walk around with socks and sandals. They were safely covered under the blanket. It was pretty funny, though. Walked over to Foghorn’s because it was freezing. Went to Buster Belly’s for approximately 1.25 hours. Went home.

Woke up late. Whoops. Didn’t go to the gym. Went to lunch with Adam. I saw Remember Me with friends. Go see it. Now. I don’t care what the reviews say. It was a wonderful movie. I cried. Everyone did. It’s not what you expect. Go see it!

Saturday night: Went to the casino in Siloam Springs to eat at Flint Creek Steakhouse. The boy made fun of me for taking pictures. I thought the casino looked like a church on the outside. Ironic? Waited for ever. Finally got to eat. It was delicious. Watched the boy play a little black jack.

Sunday: Helped Ragan unpack. Didn’t feel well. I had stomach issues all weekend. Our kickball team dominated. Now, the weekend is over.

Happy Monday!

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