Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple pleasures.

A lot of people in the blog world are doing this, so I decided to post about the things in life that make me the happiest.

1. A kiss from the boy.

2. A good chat with my mom and sister. And my grandmother, of course.

3. Time spent with my family. I love them dearly. Especially times when we are all at the lake house.

4. A night with the girls. And catching up with my old friends—college and high school.

5. Watching the Today Show while sitting on the floor getting ready with a hot cup of coffee. Nope, I don’t use the bathroom.

6. A just because I love you surprise. This could be anything from flowers from the boy to a card from my parents.

7. A good workout.

8. The sound of the ocean. And the smell.

9. Magazines.

10. Writing.

11. The way you feel when something really touches you—a church service, a good movie or just a great story.

12. Being creative.

13. Summer at the lake with a drink in my hand.

14. A ski lodge with an outdoor fireplace.

15. I can’t leave off Christmas time. I just love it.

Happy Friday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading this. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!