Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a wonderful world

Sometimes it's hard to watch the news. I always watch, but I'm the first to understand when people say they don't watch because it worries them or makes them sad (although I do think you have a responsibility to know what is going on in the world).

That's why I love reading about news like this: a New York cab driver returned $21,000 to a visitor.

"PATCHOGUE, N.Y. -A New York City cab driver is being praised for returning over $21,000 lost by a visitor from Italy.

Felicia Lettieri, who's 72, left her purse in a Manhattan taxi on Christmas Eve. It contained traveling money for her and six relatives.

Police told them not to get their hopes up about finding it.

The cabbie drove about 50 miles, to a Long Island address he'd found in the purse. No one was home, so he left his phone number, and later returned with the money.

Lettieri's daughter, Maria Rosaria Falonga, told Newsday from Pompei, Italy that the cabbie also left a note.

He told her: "Don't worry, Felicia. ... I'll keep it safe."

The driver, Mukul Asaduzzaman, could not be reached for comment.

He refused a reward."
Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It's stories like this that make me smile!