Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to the jungle!

This weekend, I had the chance to visit a place Adam has told me about many times. We have a friend whose parents have a “barn” that is unlike any place I’ve ever seen. It’s called the "barn," but it’s definitely not what you would think of when you hear that word.

I got to go to the “barn” for the first time Saturday. I felt like a tourist. It contains many rooms, but the main space is a huge room full of all kinds of animals. Yes, they’re dead. I was a vegetarian for about four years (I decided to eat meat again around my junior year of college), but this did not bother me really. It was definitely one of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen.

Our friend Tim was there, and when Tim’s around, there’s always a sing-along. He is a lawyer by day, and a wonderful musician by night. We had a great time sitting around eating, drinking and singing.

Our friend’s dad goes on safaris and such in Africa and many other countries, which is where most of the animals are from. It’s definitely something you have to see to believe.

Another interesting factoid: they live right next to the Duggars. Yep, those Duggars. The ones who are famous for having a million children.

I also saw Leap Year this Friday with some of my fantastic friends. I love Irish accents, and I want to go to Ireland as soon as possible. You will never guess where we ate dinner before the movie. We tried to go to Mellow Mushroom and then Noodles but everywhere had a ridiculous wait time, and we were not going to miss this movie. So, we noticed Dixie Café had an almost empty parking lot. We were the youngest people in there, and we couldn’t get an adult beverage, but man those rolls are good.

P.S. These pictures make us look like we could possibly be "redneck." (There's a lot of camo). That's not true. Oh, that's a wolf on Adam's head. It was turned in to a hat, obviously. I included a photo of the bar as well. I'm so thankful our friends had us over to see something that is unique. We had a fantastic time!
Happy Monday! I hope I didn’t scare anyone with my photos today!

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