Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today is one of those days...

It’s one of those days where…

  • It’s misting and gross outside, and your hair is frizzy even if it’s NEVER frizzy.

  • You missed boot camp, but it’s not your fault. Your stupid phone alarm doesn’t work properly. How can you wake up to a silent alarm?

  • Your shoe comes off while walking to your car and your tights get wet.

  • You miss your exit on the way to work because you’re too busy singing.

  • It takes you forever to get to work because there is a GIANT TRACTOR blocking one of the interstate lanes.

  • When walking in to work, carrying your purse, bag, lunch box, lamp (today is the day to make the desk homier), there are worms. Everywhere. All over the sidewalk. You can’t help but step on some of them. Eww.

  • You forget a spoon to eat your yogurt with…and the guy selling breakfast at work makes you pay 50 cents…for a spoon…really?

  • You’re totally grossed out by the combination of smells in the break room while making your tea…sausage, apple oatmeal, maple syrup…gross.

All of those things might have happened to me this morning. But now the negativity is out. Today is going to be fantastic (from this point on)! The new lamp on my desk is definitely helping.

Happy Thursday!!!

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