Thursday, January 14, 2010

Training time

It’s Junior League training week here in northwest Arkansas, and I am going to my training today at lunch. I signed up for training on how to incorporate nonprofit work in your résumé. It wasn’t my top choice, but it was really the only one I could go to. I think it will definitely teach me a few things.

The week is full of all kinds of training…corporate development, cookbook sales, identity theft, and many, many more.

This has been a pretty slow week, and I’m thrilled tomorrow is Friday. I’m also thrilled I get to pick my computer up today. Finally!

My parents are coming up for the basketball game Saturday, so it will be wonderful to spend time with them. I’m ready for the weekend!

By the way, I definitely own this book in the photo. I hope to get around to reading it soon!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Ooo I need to get this book asap!