Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold weather and curry together

It tastes like the smell of Hobby Lobby. That’s what Adam had to say about my dinner of yellow curry. We tried a new Thai place last night, Silk Road, and it was delicious. Now I know I don’t have to share my curry. As much as I love Thai food, it was the first time we had ever eaten it together.

As for the roads here, they’re much better today. I drove myself to work. Yes, I was the annoying person driving super slow even though there was no visible danger. You can never be too safe, right? Isn’t that what your parents told you when you first started driving? However, it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. The high Friday is 5 degrees. That’s right. 5 degrees. I saw on the Today show this morning some teenager who went outside barefoot in weather like that. He got frostbite. You think?

It’s a balmy 9 degrees right now. I live in Arkansas, correct?

Now, on to work. You know I got a new job, but I haven’t elaborated. I moved from a small public relations company back to the corporate world. Yes, it’s much different, but I knew it would be. So far, so good.

Random: Last night, I realized the whole New Year's Eve night I had the tag from my necklace hanging from the back. How do I know? While putting some jewelry away last night, I noticed the tag still attached, and thought to myself, "I wore that New Year's Eve." Sure did.

Happy Tuesday!

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Liz Harris said...

I didn't notice so I'm sure no one else did!