Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Words of wisdom: Jalapeno advice

I made chili last night for dinner. I’ve done this many times. Nine out of 10 times, I add jalapenos. This time it was two peppers.

No big deal. The chili was delicious.

Then my eyes started burning, so I decided to take out my contacts. I washed my hands thoroughly. Each eye burned so bad, I had to splash my face with water for about a minute.

So, this morning I decide I will be smart and just put in new contacts. I open the new pack, and put the right one in. It burns. so. bad. I can’t get it out fast enough. What am I going to do, I think to myself. I can’t wear my glasses on my second week. My glasses are cute, but my nickname in elementary school (well, one boy called me this) was “bug eyes,” if that tells you what my glasses do to me. I can’t help my blindness.

I have a meeting this morning, so glasses are not an option. So, I open another right contact (of my very, very expensive contacts…again, the blindness), and I put on the softest gloves I can find. I don’t want to scratch them. So, with my leopard gloves on, I successfully put my contacts in. I can’t figure out why, after scrubbing my hands, the jalapeno won’t go away.

I think next time I will use the gloves to cut up the peppers. That’s probably a good idea.


Anonymous said...

I've had this happen before. I suggest wearing gloves when you cut the peppers. I have the same problem with my contacts. Hope they feel better!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to look like a loser for responding so quickly, but I get e-mail notifications :).

The rack is from bed Bath and Beyond. It's originally $179 (I think) but it's $89 on the web site. My mom said she got it for about $70 in the store.