Monday, October 5, 2009

Texas Time

I can't believe it's Monday. It feels like it's always Monday. Or at least it does today. I had a fun, busy weekend. Although the game was fun, the highlight of my weekend was seeing my best friend, Rachel, who moved to Dallas not too long ago. Unfortunately, I did not get to see my other friend named Rachel, who moved to Dallas recently as well. This Rachel starts her job today! Good luck, Rachel! I know you're going to be the best lawyer in Dallas. Oddly, both of these Rachels are Mount St. Mary's graduates.

Friday, we left Fayetteville around 12:30 p.m. We had four adults and a dog in tow. Despite a little traffic and a near accident because people were too busy looking at another accident, we made it safely. We dropped Liz off and headed to Frisco (where Adam's sister lives and where we stayed for the night). We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant named Jasper's. The restaurant describes itself has having gourmet backyard cuisine presented in a modern setting. The meal was complete with wine courtesy of former bachelor Andrew Firestone. At least that's what we assumed since it was from the Firestone vineyard. And he has one of those.

It rained Saturday, so we went to Sherlock's near the stadium before the game. It was rainy and cold, so there was limited tailgating. However, we did tailgate for about an hour. It was cold. When we headed to the stadium, I made a point to yell "Go Hogs!" To every Aggie fan I saw. I was annoying, yes. In fact, there was an Aggie fan trying to buy tickets outside the stadium, and I told her not to worry about it because her team was going to lose. I'm normally a nice person, but when it comes to anything competition related...well...I get mean. (And annoying I'm sure). She should have listened because we won. Big time. Oh, thank goodness for retractable roofs. I think it would be cool if my house had one of those.

By the way, our seats were fantastic. They were on the end zone, so we didn't have a view of the largest high-definition television in the world. But, we didn't need it because we were so close.

Did I mention the stadium is ridiculous? $1.5 billion ridiculous. Did you know the stadium was originally estimated to cost $650 million? Someone apparently missed out on the whole concept of staying within budget. Not that I'm one to judge or anything...

It was a great weekend, which made it difficult to get out of bed this morning. Thanks to my cinnamon dulce latte, I'm ready to go.

Happy Monday!

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