Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Children's House

Tonight, I will be scrapbooking. Is that a verb? I am not a scrap-booker. Luckily, I'm a pretty creative person. One of our Junior League new member projects is to make scrapbook pages for the kids at Children's House. At the end of the year when the students graduate, we give them scrapbooks of their time throughout the year. This might not sound like a big deal to most people, but for these kids, these are often the only photos they have of themselves. They don't have the baby books full of their first steps or their first Christmas. They don't have the pictures of their first day of school. So, for them, it is something they can cherish because it is all about them.

It's a pretty nasty day in Fayetteville today. However, I'm super busy at work, so I will be inside ALL day. And I have my yearly review today...I'm nervous. Wish me luck. And wish for good football weather this weekend. Last time I checked, the high was in the 50s. I love fall!

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***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

This is so nice...and scrapbook-ing can be SO fun!